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Transport Networks

    Network connectivity

    Iskratel provides network-connectivity solutions for a range of solutions that enable operators, enterprises and vertical industry sectors to efficiently modernise their networks, provide connectivity for their services, as well as to smoothly introduce new services exploiting the benefits of a flexible and extensible transport network.

    Taking into account specific requirements of each individual deployment, Iskratel offers reliable transport-network solutions based on different technologies like Carrier Ethernet, MPLS, OTN and DWDM, as well as provide services for a painful transition from legacy transport-network technologies like SDH, without disruptions to critical services.

    Business connectivity

    Iskratel Business connectivity offers Ethernet services to business customers according to their needs. The most commonly offered business solutions include the L2 VPN services and data-centre connectivity. Business-connectivity architecture allows operators to offer a variety of Ethernet E-Line and E-LAN services with a full set of QoS and traffic-management capabilities.

    UNIs can be provisioned on any access port on SI3000 Lumia. This gives operators and service providers limitless possibilities to create point-to-point and multipoint-to-multipoint EVCs or MEF-defined E-line and E-LAN services. Centralised management within Iskratel Carrier Ethernet architecture enables flexible Ethernet service provisioning in real time. For the operators and service providers, such an approach decreases the operational costs while allowing proper policy enforcement and service provisioning across the entire Carrier Ethernet network.

    Multi-service platform

    The SI3000 Lumia is designed as a modular architecture with different options of blades and Ethernet switches. This gives the SI3000 Lumia the ability to support different services.

    Scalable Carrier-Grade Ethernet solution

    The business connectivity solution is based on a pay-as-you-grow concept that enables operators and service providers to invest according to their size and needs. It allows the deployment and growth of Carrier Ethernet access and aggregation networks in a very flexible and cost-efficient manner.

    Flexible UNI and EVC provisioning

    UNIs can be provisioned on any access port on any access blade. To operators and service providers this gives limitless possibilities to create point-to-point and multipoint-to-multipoint EVCs or MEF-defined E-Line and E-LAN services.

    E2E bandwidth provisioning

    The solution delivers a full set of QoS capabilities on all UNI ports, thus enabling guaranteed network performance to every customer and for any business service. It provides granular end-to-end bandwidth provisioning based on UNI/EVC/CoS, as defined by the Metro Ethernet Forum. Additionally, it features full support for QoS interworking scenarios with IP/MPLS.

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    Why Iskratel?

    Iskratel is the leading European provider of infocommunications solutions, with 70 years of experience, EU-based R&D and manufacturing facilities, and presence in over 30 countries. We combine experience and know-how with creativity and innovation. We leverage ICT expertise in delivering integrated solutions across Telco, Transport, Public Safety and Energy industries.

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