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Regulatory Solutions

    Lawful Interception and SORM

    Service providers and network operators are faced with requirements initiated from the government side. The most important are the functionalities that increase national security, public safety and time-critical responsiveness in the case of emergency situations. Governments are building up the requirements for competitive multi-operator environments to enable end-customers free and non-problematic migration between the service providers.

    Iskratel is offering customer-tailored products and solutions for Lawful Interception (LI) and SORM.

    The solutions are aimed at fixed, mobile and convergent networks. It can be implemented in the TDM, NGN and IMS environment. The concentration of the intercepted information from the network elements is an essential functionality of the solution, and thus the investment optimization is assured. Interoperability with a variety of network elements from different vendors is proven, and additional products can be added based on the project request. Depending on the customer requirements, the configuration can be single or duplicated. Multiple monitoring centers on different hierarchical levels can be served by one concentration unit. The solution supports different national requirements and is certified by the authorized national institutions.

    For additional information about the Iskratel LI and SORM solutions please contact us.

    Number portability

    Number portability is the ability to change the service provider, physical location or type of service while retaining the existing subscriber’s telephone number. When number portability is required by a country's regulatory agency it is a MUST for all operators.

    Iskratel's solution addresses different levels.

    • Country level (regulatory agency defines interconnection requirements, network routing numbers, porting scenarios, etc.).
    • Administrative part of a solution (central number-portability database, tools for supporting administrative part of porting process, synchronization interfaces torward operators, etc.).
    • Operator level (NP application server, synchronization interfaces, implementation of triggering methods on network elements, routing, billing, provisioning adaptation, etc.).

    Iskratel has building blocks to cover the administrative part of the NP solution and all requirements from the operator's level, especially if the network elements are from Iskratel’s product portfolio.

    Iskratel’s NP solution is cost-effective, flexible and could be easily extended with special regulatory features such as tariff transparency, NP announcements, white/black lists, and it is designed to fit in fixed or mobile operators' networks.

    Because of its flexible design this solution could be used not only for service provider portability and location portability but also for service portability – end-users keep the telephone number when they change the type of telecommunications service (e.g., from POTS to VoIP/IMS). Therefore, it can be used as a powerful tool in a network modernization process.


    • Scalability from very low to high-end configurations,
    • Fits into mobile or fixed networks,
    • Supports a variety of network signaling protocols and SOAP/REST on the northbound interface,
    • Open for further enhancements,
    • Fulfills all regulatory requirements,
    • Solution can be used for regulatory, service or location Number Portability,
    • Can be easily extended with additional Regulatory requirements (announcements, tariff transparency mechanisms, etc.)
    • Can be used as a powerful tool in a network modernization process,
    • Offers the freedom to change operators without changing phone numbers (and without informing friends, business partners, clients, etc. about a new phone number),
    • Implementation removes barriers to competition between operators and services and ensures a dynamic, fully competitive market,
    • Multi-mode functionality TDM-NGN-IMS with easy migration procedure.
    • Solution is verified and proven by different regulatory bodies, institutes, standards organizations. Interoperability tests are made with other equipment vendors.
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    Iskratel is the leading European provider of infocommunications solutions, with 70 years of experience, EU-based R&D and manufacturing facilities, and presence in over 30 countries. We combine experience and know-how with creativity and innovation. We leverage ICT expertise in delivering integrated solutions across Telco, Transport, Public Safety and Energy industries.

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