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Next-gen VoIP

    Network modernisation

    A gradual modernisation of their existing circuit-switched TDM networks to modern-day networks is a a must. In the past, those networks were subject to heavy investments, so now, the transition to new IP networks is not considered as a simple task that can be done instantly.

    Iskratel offers migration from TDM via NGN to IMS by the gradual incorporation of elements that are based on IP technology. Iskratel’s products and solutions entirely support the transition and evolution. These network elements allow the fast and simple migration of the carrier infrastructure, successful both from the technological and the business points of view.

    Iskratel's network-modernisation solution helps operators to stay competitive in the new communication environment. The solution offers seamless interoperability between old-world and new technologies as it supports traditional features and functionalities – so the user experience for end-users and maintenance staff remains unchanged. On the other hand, the solution supports all up-to-date interfaces and protocols for NGN, IMS and toward OSS/BSS systems.


    Iskratel Network Modernization solution can be used in different application scenarios and customized implementations.

    • Class 4, Class 5, or combined Class4/Class5 replacement
    • Suburban/rural solutions
    • Centralised management solution
    • Regulatory solutions like Lawful interception and SORM, and number portability


    • Cost-efficient solutions with backward compatibility and future-safe design
    • Smooth migration and parallel dual-mode or multi-mode functionality for interaction between different generations of communication technology
    • Excellent scalability and a pay-as-you-grow network
    • Open interfaces for OSS/BSS integration
    • Solutions with implemented national specifics and fast adaption possibilities


    • Proven carrier-grade industrial platform with integrated robustness and security mechanisms 
    • Scalability from very low to high-end configurations
    • Supported georedundancy and high-availability mechanisms
    • State-of-the-art technology and software design
    • Supported open interfaces and a variety of signalling protocols
    • Dual-mode functionality NGN-IMS with easy migration
    • Verified and proven by different regulatory bodies, institutes, standard organizations
    Class 4 solution

    The core of Iskratel’s Class 4 solution consists of the SI3000 Call Server (CS), SI3000 Signalling and Media Gateway (SMG) and SI3000 Management System (MNS). The SI3000 CS plays a central role in communication solutions for transit IP networks. Using various protocols, it controls the NGN/IMS elements; it exercises service control, call control and connection control. The SI3000 SMG enables telecom operators to upgrade their infrastructure to the next-generation IP network. The product plays the role of an interface between the existing PSTN and NGN/IMS networks. The SI3000 MNS is a central management and surveillance system for all Iskratel TDM and NGN network elements as well as other supported non-Iskratel network elements. It provides the required functionality for network-element management (accounting, configuration, fault, performance and security).

    The SI3000 Class 4 replacement is a solution with unique scalability and adaptability for the evolution of the operator’s network and business strategy.


    The integration of the SI3000 Class 4 solution into an existing network is the basic requirement for the replacement of an existing Class 4 TDM exchange. In this way, the replacement process progresses in manageable steps and with the guaranteed preservation of previous investments. The SI3000 Class 4 solution, which replaces an old TDM exchange, provides:

    Connection to an existing TDM transit network allows gradual replacement of the existing TDM exchange by highly scalable and adaptable solution. With its composition, interfaces and functionalities it enables a further network development as well as the provision of new services. The evolution of the operator’s network and the development of the operator’s business strategies are made possible as a result. 

    Integration with existing OSS/BSS systems is as important as the integration to an existing network for the provisioning of telecommunications services, i.e., to a voice and data network. Successful integration includes connection to billing systems, service provisioning, system management and maintenance, CRM, inventory management, alarm monitoring, traffic measurement and statistics collections.

    The SI3000 class 4 solution makes it possible to meet the requirements with a number of functionalities, such as open interfaces (SOAP), CDR in various formats (binary, xml, EWSD, etc.), traffic measurements and statistics processing, own systems for alarm monitoring, the processing and display of data about traffic measurements and statistics, web portals for the provision of services, and CDR servers.

    Preservation of existing services. After migration, more than just a "basic connection" should be working in a network, including services like toll free or premium-rate charging, attendant positions of international and national operators, televoting, network Centrex, CCBS/CCNR network services, voice mail, etc.

    Another very important group comprises the services that are prescribed by the regulator: carrier selection / pre-selection, number portability, provision of call completion in emergency situations, calls to emergency services (police, ambulance, etc.), lawful interception (ETSI LI, SORM) and legal monitoring.


    • A rich set of routing features that can be easily adapted to the customers’ needs,
    • Support of wide band and adaptive codecs,
    • IP-to-IP transcoding, between different audio codecs,
    • Platform for fixed and mobile convergence,
    • TDM hairpinning,
    • Open APIs,
    • Dual-mode operability (meaning the equipment can work at the same time in NGN and IMS modes),
    • Enhanced centralied management,
    • Supported regulatory features like lawful interception, SORM, number portability.
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