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Core Transformation

    Cloud-Services Platform

    Cloud services enable Telcos to offer richer managed or over-the-top services, improve responsiveness and flexibility. The cloud infrastructure is an opportunity for Telcos: to implement a private cloud, or to reinvent themselves as a cloud-infrastructure or cloud-services provider.

    Why Iskratel CSP?

    Iskratel Cloud-Services Platform (CSP) is the only cloud-services platform that guarantees high availability and geo-redundancy of cloud services on an open, ETSI NFV-compliant architecture. Orchestrator-driven process automation and predictive auto-scalability ensure the lowest TCO throughout the process of network consolidation and cloudification.

    Iskratel CSP provides Telcos with the sustainability of business models: CAPEX optimisation, defence of ARPU, and control over OPEX. Iskratel CSP enables investment-friendliness by enabling the reuse of infrastructure in several industry segments: for Telco and for IT services in transport, public safety and energy.

    What is Iskratel CSP?

    Iskratel CSP is an elastic platform for hosting virtualised network functions, virtualised legacy applications, and containers.

    It is the infrastructure for a carrier-grade cloud, which includes support for process automation, cloud management with full monitoring and alerting, as well as supervision of apps and system functions.

    Iskratel CSP fully follows the standard ETSI NFV architecture. The solution uses mature, OPNFV-approved open-source technology, enriched with Iskratel’s own extensions that provide high availability and low-latency operation.

    Iskratel CSP facilitates a smooth migration from traditional to cloud environment, by assuring the coexistence of cloud-aware and legacy (non-cloud) applications, along with backward compatibility for a non-interrupted and controlled transition.

    Applications of Iskratel CSP

    Iskratel CSP takes Telcos safely to the path of a painless and smooth transition to the virtualised and cloudified future, the path that ultimately positions them higher within the value chain, and close to the sources of revenue. With Iskratel CSP, they are able to offer richer managed services or over-the-top apps, improve responsiveness and flexibility.

    Iskratel CSP is the foundation for cloud services with a high business value, including deployment-ready virtualised network services like IMS, UC, SBC, MS, AS.

    Iskratel CSP is a unified cloud platform for all industry verticals, which enables the fusion of services, optimisation of expenses, and a faster time to market of integrated, efficient and attractive services and apps.

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    Why Iskratel?

    Iskratel is the leading European provider of infocommunications solutions, with 70 years of experience, EU-based R&D and manufacturing facilities, and presence in over 30 countries. We combine experience and know-how with creativity and innovation. We leverage ICT expertise in delivering integrated solutions across Telco, Transport, Public Safety and Energy industries.

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