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Copper-based Broadband

    DSL from CO

    VDSL2 from the central office proves to be the most cost-optimized approach for meeting the demands for improved services. With investments only in the active-access equipment to support the latest VDSL2 technology, you will be able to deliver high-quality services and improve your users’ QoE.


    • Cost-optimized solution: The most cost-optimized and high-speed-efficient solution involves only a CO location upgrade and a total reuse of the existing copper infrastructure.
    • Fast upgrade: Your network upgrade will be fast and easy, upgrading only the central office part of your network. With a new, multi-service access node installation you will free footprint space and lower your power consumption. At the same time you will upgrade your existing narrowband services and migrate them to the new, multi-service node in order to achieve a single technology IP access network.
    • Enhanced service introduction: With your network upgrade you will raise bandwidth and quality for the end user.


    • Latest VDSL2 with ADSL2+ fall-back technology (bonding and vectoring)
    • The highest subscriber port density per shelf
    • Multi-service platform (also P2P Fiber, GPON, Ethernet and POTS from the same platform)

    What is FTTC?

    Fibre to the Curb (or Fibre to the Cabinet) is the best approach to extend the fibre closer to the end users while at the same time optimally reuse the existing copper infrastructure.

    In rural and suburban areas justification of investment into fibre infrastructure for FTTH (Fibre to the Home) can be a big challenge. In contrast, FTTC enables efficient network modernisation and brings broadband services to (otherwise underserved) end users.

    Where is the catch of FTTC?

    Shortening the local loop with FTTC brings vast improvements compared to existing DSL service on copper pairs running from the central office. The latest VDSL2 technology can be used on existing copper pairs, which enables the introduction and delivery of high-bandwidth services to end users.

    The ability to meet end users' expectations regarding more and more bandwidth for new services and applications translates to improved quality of experience, reduced customer churn and better loyalty.

    Without FTTC:

    With FTTC:

    What is in Iskratel's box?

    Iskratel ODU family of FTTC cabinets is available in various capacities. They span a whole range of deployment needs, from big FTTC deployments in dense city centres or industrial areas, to mid-sized districts, suburbs and villages, down to rural, low-density deployments, based on dedicated, power-consumption optimised small outdoor cabinets.

    Iskratel's flagship broadband access and aggregation node SI3000 Lumia, integrated into a FTTC cabinet, is complemented with our managed Innbox family of home gateways at the customer's premises. The SI3000 Lumia and complementary Innbox home gateways support a variety of access technologies: VDSL2 with ADSL2+ fallback, FE/GE P2P fibre, GPON fibre, and even POTS or ISDN.

    Specifically, the key ingredients to Iskratel FTTC solution are:

    • ODU family of cabinets;
    • SI3000 Lumia: broadband-access and aggregation node;
    • Innbox family of customer-premises equipment;
    • SI3000 MNS: central management and monitoring system.

    Why should anyone care about it?

    Deploying FTTC with our cabinets and our access equipment will make investment savings significant. With Iskratel FTTC, operators are able to retain their revenue with the introduction of new value-added, personalised services.

    The deployment of Iskratel FTTC solution is rapid and straightforward. Iskratel FTTC solution allows the operators to introduce new sustainable business models, protect the investment, and monetise their offer.

    What are the applications of Iskratel FTTC?

    Generally, there are three basic scenarios for deployment of Iskratel FTTC. The choice of technology used to provide broadband services to the end users depends on specific density of end users in the area of the deployment.

    • VDSL2 and P2P FTTH from the ODU cabinet to the end user can be used in urban or industrial areas with high user density;
    • VDSL2, GPON FTTH and POTS from the ODU cabinet to the end user can be used in districts, suburbs and villages with medium user density;
    • VDSL2 from the ODU cabinet (and pass-through POTS from central office) to the end user can be used in rural areas with small villages or scattered houses with low user density.

    Are there any benefits of using Iskratel FTTC?

    You bet.

    With Iskratel FTTC, the operators are able to provide any kind of service to residential and business customers – be it traditional triple play services, multiple HDTV streaming, MEF-compliant virtual private networks, an over-the-top application, access to cloud-based service... or just the good old POTS service. In short, the operators can retain their revenue by meeting end users' expectations and improving the quality of experience with value-added, personalised services.

    Iskratel offers a complete turnkey solution with environmentally resistant cabinet, integrated active equipment and passive distribution panels along with backup power supply and internal environment control. The solution provides end-to-end service delivery, from aggregation to access and to customer-premises equipment, augmented with advanced, service-oriented provisioning and monitoring system.

    Operators using Iskratel FTTC solution benefit from:

    • Investment-friendly deployment with optimal reuse of existing copper infrastructure;
    • Reduced operating expenditures with simple activation of broadband services and applications;
    • Revenue from bigger customer base, enjoying value-added, personalised services;
    • Flexible choice of access (first-mile) technologies – VDSL2, ADSL2+, FE/GE P2P FTTH, GPON FTTH, POTS, ISDN.

    When you need to cover buildings with a high subscriber density, usually the best proven approach is to put a high-density access node inside the building in the basement and use the existing building infrastructure to reach the end-user premises. Our active equipment comes integrated with our indoor or outdoor cabinets, serving residential and business customers at the same time.

    With our ISA, we are ready to provide you with the whole network from the end-customer CPE through access and aggregation, guaranteeing a simplified network design, enhanced service feature set, advanced subscriber management and a low overall network TCO.

    On top of that we offer a centralized management system with open interfaces to cover an ultimate open-access network approach in combination with ISA.


    • SI3000 Lumia with VDSL2 (ADSL2+ fallback) over copper infrastructure
    • SI3000 Lumia with P2P fibre for optical end-user connect
    • SI3000 Lumia with P2P Ethernet for UTP deployment
    • SI3000 Peso for POTS

    Key elements

    • SI3000 Lumia
    • SI3000 Peso
    • Innbox CPE (optical or DSL)
    • Indoor or outdoor cabinet
    • SI3000 Open MNS
    • ISA network and service architecture


    • Readiness for tomorrow’s services: With our solutions and our equipment you will be able to deliver high BW and high-quality services to keep the end-user database and improve their QoE while deploying a network that is ready for future service innovations.
    • Pay as you grow: With our ISA approach to building your network your capital investments will be wisely dispersed over years, allowing you to precisely manage a fine balance between your expenses and the revenues of your ROI.
    • Open broadband access: You will hold all the threads of the open-access network in your hands, laying on you to decide whether to give the subscriber a free choice of service and open your market on your network resources for every service provider or not. Our technology makes this a reality.


    • Low TCO
    • Enhanced service feature set with ISA
    • Seamless and dynamic bandwidth per application
    • Cloud-applications ready
    • Simplified core, enhanced network security and traffic management with ISA
    • Central management system with open interfaces
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