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Outdoor and Indoor Cabinets


    For use in FTTB and FTTC deployment scenarios, Iskratel offers a range of outdoor and indoor protective cabinets.

    They are available in different sizes and capacities, which makes them applicable for various customer densities in urban, suburban, or rural environments. The cabinets are designed to be vandal-resistant, and are able to operate in a very wide temperature range.

    In the SI3000 ODU cabinets, an integrated SI3000 Lumia – the multi-service broadband access and aggregation node – provides broadband access to end users. This way, the cabinets inherit all its benefits, its flexibility and versatility. Using the SI3000 Lumia internally, all fixed-access technologies can be provided from the cabinets, and the technologies can easily be upgraded.

    Along with the integrated access node, the cabinets include batteries, distribution frames and splitters – depending on technological or regulatory requirements. In many countries, the legislation requires the public telephone services to operate for 24 hours after a power outage; in ODU cabinets, the batteries provide this level of autonomy.

    The SI3000 ODU cabinets differ in physical sizes and port capacities. Specifically, the SI3000 ODU-M2 cabinet contains a 20-slot SI3000 Lumia, with up to 576 VDSL2 or 1216 POTS or 456 P2P FTTH ports. The SI3000 ODU-XS 128 cabinet contains a 2-slot SI3000 Lumia, with up to 48 P2P FTTH or 128 VDSL2/ADSL2+ ports.

    SI3000 ODU-M2

    The SI3000 ODU-M2 is a compact outdoor cabinet is designed for the optimal and cost-efficient building on urban, suburban and rural areas.

    The SI3000 ODU-M2 fits with all the equipment required for undisturbed and autonomous operation. The outdoor cabinet excels in terms of its extremely low power consumption, small mounting space, maximized capacity and very easy maintenance. The system is designed for harsh weather conditions.

    On-site intervention is easy because all the equipment is accessed from the front side. The distribution frame is in a separate compartment, accessed from the right-hand side following different maintenance scenarios.

    The SI3000 ODU-M2 accommodates a power-supply system with separated and isolated battery-backup, heat exchanger and elements for the physical cabinet protection. All the in-cabinet environments are sensor controlled and managed with a central management system.

    The SI3000 ODU-M2 is a key element in FTTC network deployments based on VDSL, P2P, GPON, POTS or any combination and mixed scenario. It is a perfect fit for implmentation with the the SI3000 Lumia product family.

    • Small footprint needed
    • Minimum 25 U space for equipment installation
    • Robust construction
    • High subscriber concentration
    • Cost-effective solution
    • Wide operating temperature range (-50°C to +50°C)
    • Fast network deployment
    • Adjustable interior and separated battery compartment
    • Low power consumption and battery backup of 200 Ah
    • Heat exchanger for efficient and low-power-consuming cooling (proven heat dissipation of 1200 W at 45°C)
    • 24-hour battery backup for POTS subscribers
    • Equipment cold-start functionality
    SI3000 ODU-XS

    The extra-small cabinet SI3000 ODU-XS allows simple installation, with broadband services activated in less than 24 hours.

    Due to its small physical size, the ODU-XS cabinet can be mounted on an outdoor pedestal, on an in-house or an external wall, or onto a pole.

    The uplink network connectivity can be provided over a P2P or GPON optical fibre, while its lower power consumption allows the ODU-XS to be powered locally by AC power or even remotely from the central office, reusing the existing infrastructure of copper pairs between the CO and the cabinet for power-supply.

    The ODU XS is designed to offer very high-speed broadband at remote locations at distances up to 8 km from the CO location. VDSL2 technology is used over copper pairs within the last mile, which offers a significant bandwidth increase compared to existing ADSL2+ lines running from CO locations.

    • Short time to market by reusing the existing copper
    • Easy installation
    • Passive cooling, completely silent
    • Fan-free design
    • Integrated Ethernet switching for chain/cascading topology
    • Remote power feeding from CO (via only 2 existing copper pairs)
    • Outdoor mounting on a pedestal, wall or pole
    • Easy transportation by car, no truck or lift needed
    • Different powering options: AC, DC or Remote Powering
    • Stand-alone (CLI and WebGUI) or centralised (SI3000 MNS) management
    • Exchangeable upper part with active equipment (DSL, fibre)
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