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SI3000 SMG

    SI3000 Signalling and Media Gateway

    The SI3000 Signalling and Media Gateway (SMG) is an excellent platform for building telecommunications and data networks, it brings highly scalable and flexible PSTN-to-IP transport and signaling functionality to a VoIP network.

    Using SI3000 SMG, service providers can upgrade their infrastructure to a next-generation IP network, while still keeping their existing equipment in place, to offer voice services with an optimal user experience. The signaling and media gateway incorporates a media server that supports a variety of media processing functions, including announcement generation, DTMF detection and generation, message playing and recording, conferences, and other advanced capabilities.

    The SI3000 SMG network elements are centrally supervised and managed.


    The SI3000 SMG includes three main voice functionalities: the media gateway, the signalling gateway and the media server.

    The Media Gateway functionality ensures that the PSTN channel content is converted into a stream of data packets by using various VoIP codecs (G.711, G.722, G.722.1, iLBC, G723.1, G.726, G729, AMR-WB, AMR-NB, GSM-EFR and Clear Channel) and vice versa.

    • Automatic fax and modem signal detection,
    • Echo cancellations (according to ITU-T G.168 recommendations),
    • DTMF signal transmission within a speech connection (in-band) in accordance with the RFC2833/4733 standard,
    • Voice detection and silence suppression,
    • Comfort-noise generation (CNG),
    • Quality of Service (QoS) built-in mechanisms (replacing lost VoIP packets - PLC, jitter buffer, elimination of variable delays, etc.),
    • TDM Hairpinning,
    • RTP proxy.

    The Signalling Gateway provides the transformation of legacy TDM signaling (SSN7, DSS1 and V5.2) into IP-based session-control protocols (M2UA, M3UA, M2PA, IUA and V5UA) for communication with the call server. In particular, the CAS (1VSK, 2VSK, E&M and R2) signaling conversion to the IP network brings the carrier all the existing, well-known capabilities.

    The Media Server bundles the offer for the carrier with the following services:

    • it connects subscribers to a conference call, regardless of the network type (IP and TDM),
    • it enables DTMF detection and generation,
    • it enables transcoding / transrating,
    • it provides voice announcements, interactive voice responses, speech recognition and voice messaging with the interpretation of VoiceXML scenarios (also in combination with Automated Speech Recognition - ASR and Text to Speech - TTS conversion servers).

    The MGCP and H.248 protocols are used for control protocol between a media server and a call server. The media server performs the indicated functionalities independently of the mode of coding for the voice signal in a call.


    • Universal and modular design,
    • Viable means to “squeeze” additional IP revenues from the legacy network,
    • Easy and cost-effective extension of IP-based services to legacy users,
    • Cost-effective alternative to SBC transcoding,
    • Integrated signaling and media-gateway functionality with a media server on a single carrier-grade platform,
    • Eliminates the need for a separate media server or application server for simple applications,
    • Management Integration with different Operation Support Systems (OSSs) as well as Business Support Systems (BSSs),
    • SI3000 SMG network elements are centrally supervised and managed, together with possible SI3000 MSAN network elements and network elements that are earlier generation products from Iskratel.


    • Cost-effective solution for carriers, system integrators and application developers,
    • IP to IP transcoding / transrating,
    • Provides high voice quality, supporting a wide range of voice codecs,
    • Provides various TDM signaling and session-control protocols,
    • TDM Hairpinning allows higher voice quality and optimal usage of media processing resources,
    • RTP proxy provides real-time stream copying (support for ETSI LI, SORM),
    • Gigabit Ethernet, E1, STM-1 interfaces,
    • High availability architecture,
    • IMS architecture compliant,
    • Future proof, all in one solution (signaling and media GW, media server).
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