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SI3000 IMS

    SI3000 IMS

    The SI3000 IMS is the core element of the Iskratel IMS/VoLTE solution and provides session-control functions (P-CSCF, I-CSCF, S-CSCF and E-CSCF), gateway control functions (AGCF, M-AGCF, BGCF and MGCF) and a media resource function controller (MRFC) on a single, compact IMS core and edge.

    The bearer plane (IMS-MGW) is handled by the SI3000 SMG product, while the service layer (IM-SSF, AS) of the IMS network architecture is handled by the SI3000 AS, which gives you the means to easily expand the enablers and applications that make up the application development and service-creation ecosystem. The product provides interfaces (API) to the legacy network environment to allow existing services to be accessed and leveraged with new applications and Web 2.0 services.

    All the functions are implemented according to the latest standards (3GPP, TISPAN) and regulatory requirements (ETSI LI, SORM).

    The modular structure of the SI3000 IMS gives the carriers high flexibility in building the IMS network and means that all the implemented functions or only part of them are used, combined with other network entities.

    The following very important aspects were also considered when designing the architecture of the SI3000 IMS product:

    • Faster time to market with compact IMS core and edge
    • Easy migration scenario for existing network, from NGN to pure IMS architecture
    • Scalability, from very small scale to the high-end

    IMS Session-Control Function / SI3000 IMS Core

    • Proxy Call Session Control Function (P-CSCF)
    • Interrogating Call Session Control Function (I-CSCF)
    • Serving Call Session Control Function (S-CSCF) with integrated telephony application server (iTAS)
    • Emergency Call Session Control Function (E-CSCF).

    IMS Gateway Function / SI3000 IMS Edge

    • Access Gateway Control Function (AGCF)
    • Mobile Access Gateway Control Function (M-AGCF)
    • Media Gateway Control Function (MGCF)
    • Break Gateway Control Function (BGCF)

    Application Server / SI3000 AS

    SI3000 Application Server (AS) simplifies and eases the creation and deployment of converged services. It represents not only the abstraction layer to the legacy and SIP/IMS-based networks in the form of open application programming interfaces (API), but also the hosting platform for different applications, like widgets, web conferencing, among many others.

    It is built according to a layered SDP architecture: each layer consists of independent components in the form of service enablers, network adapters (Diameter/Sh, RFC SIP and ISC/SIP) and open APIs that may evolve to follow not only market and technological developments, but also to be adapted for customized solutions.


    • Build once, use many times
    • Less expensive HW platforms
    • Lower maintenance costs (fast ROI)
    • Lower risk profile
    • Less churn and easier to attract new subscribers
    • Provide a complete infrastructure to deliver and provision innovative services and apps in the domain of telco
    • Preserved roaming revenue
    • Building on flexible and custom-made implementations
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