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SI3000 Peso

    VoIP gateway

    The SI3000 Peso is a compact 1U VoIP gateway with a capacity of 32 client POTS ports and an Ethernet uplink with the support of the leading control protocols SIP, H.248, MGCP, including rich support of fax protocols. It offers a cost-effective telephony solution for small and mid-size businesses or local coverage.

    It can be used either as a media gateway solution for corporate users or as a carrier grade network element incorporated in the network of an operator.

    The SI3000 Peso features a temperature-hardened, dust-resistant 1U design suitable for a rough environment, without rotating fans, resulting in noise-free operation in combination with a green, low power-consumption technology and remote power supply. A dual AC and DC power-redundancy are supported.

    The SI3000 Peso is fully interoperable with the SI3000 MSAN CS and other softswitches. It has a web-based management if used as a CPE device for corporate users and a central SI3000 Management System if used as a network device in an operator’s network. It supports a northbound interface for integration into higher-level OSS/BSS systems.

    • FE/GE Ethernet uplinks
    • Local call for local survivability, with CW, CT, 3PTY functionalities
    • SIP, H.248, MGCP interoperable protocols
    • Solution for FAX (G.711 (A-law 64kbit/s), G.711 (μ-law, 64 kb/s), T.38)
    • Rich supplementary services for end users
    • Stand-alone web-based management GUI or centralized MNS
    • Open northbound interface
    • Remote (on-line and on-demand) line testing
    • Temperature-resistant design for reliable operation
    • Fan-free design for noise-free operation
    • Dual power supply AC for indoor installation plus DC power feed
    • Remote power supply


    The SI3000 Peso is a perfect solution for small and medium-sized businesses, allowing the customer to interconnect legacy terminal equipment with new IP-based networks in order to protect investments from the past.

    In FTTB or FTTC network topology the SI3000 Peso solves the problem of connecting legacy end customers working or living in the buildings or nearby urban areas, putting the SI3000 Peso as a POTS aggregator toward an IP network.


    • Plug and call functionality
    • Free local-call functionality
    • Supports SIP, H.248 and MGCP standard control protocols
    • Interconnecting with legacy terminal equipment to protect investments from the past
    • Stand-alone and local survivability
    • Integration in OSS/BSS applications
    • Calls between employees work even in the case of an emergency (without IP connectivity)
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