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SI3000 Lumia


    The SI3000 Lumia is a next-generation, high-performance access and aggregation node that brings tomorrow's technology into your network today. Its modular design and multiple chassis options address every use case in your broadband-access network.

    Various subscriber-connectivity interfaces including GPON and point-to-point fibre (100 Mbps and 1Gbps), VDSL2 with vectoring, ADSL2+, POTS, two-party POTS, ISDN in the same product ensure high infrastructure profitability. Several access scenarios are fully supported (FTTH, FTTC, FTTB, as well as DSL, POTS, ISDN from CO).

    The SI3000 Lumia provides residential triple-play services with multiple HDTV-stream support, as well as MEF-certified L2 services (E-Line, E-Lan, E-Tree) for business users and demanding customers.

    Moving intelligence toward the end customer

    Iskratel's software-defined broadband available as ISA (Intelligent Service Access) simplifies the operator’s network as it decentralises the intelligence among the access nodes, resulting in lower initial network investments and better network scalability. In terms of service it brings service-flow awareness. It simplifies the user accounting with a single-subscriber management point.

    With the ISA architecture the SI3000 Lumia simplifies the architecture of the network. SI3000 Lumia is fully capable of over-the-top service delivery that requires QoS on demand, which is fast becoming an interesting new source of revenue.

    Virtual unbundling and open access

    ISA provides the ground for open access, providing the subscriber with a free choice of service, and service providers the opportunity to compete on equal terms for customers. It turns the last mile into an asset that can be directly offered on the open market. The SI3000 Lumia guarantees compliance with regulatory demands, including virtual loop unbundling, the separation of domains and automated service selection.


    Connect users with fibre to the home, via various technologies like P2P or GPON. An advanced feature set verified with MEF certification, allows the mixing of residential and business users within the SI3000 Lumia, offering high versatility to the operator. On top of that, using it in combination with Innbox CPE devices means that the last-mile diagnostics and CPE management is also provided.


    Raise access speeds by shortening the copper loop. The SI3000 Lumia in the fibre-to-the-cabinet solution supports any mix of ADSL2+ or VDSL2 subscribers, allowing operators to retain the existing user base while increasing ARPU. Lumia's modularity and deployment versatility, plus our in-house built cabinets, are arguably the best solution for your outdoor deployments.


    Keep existing cabling in multi-tenant buildings . Installing the SI3000 Lumia in the building offers high access speeds to each subscriber, via either DSL or Ethernet connection, without additional investments or expensive construction works. In combination with our in-house designed indoor cabinets this represents an attractive and cost-efficient solution for you.

    VDSL from CO and VDSL vectoring

    Increase access speeds with the introduction of new DSL technologies. With high port density, the SI3000 Lumia is a perfect solution for the reuse of the existing copper infrastructure, using any mix of ADSL2+ or VDSL2 subscribers, allowing operators to retain the existing user base while increasing the ARPU. In SI3000 Lumia, board-level and system-level VDSL2 vectoring is enabled, supporting vectoring groups of up to 256 copper lines.


    Lumia shelves

    The SI3000 Lumia uses several different shelves that are designed for different applications in the multi-service access provider network and are available in different sizes, from a single-slot 1U pizza box to a 20-slot variant. All shelves are equipped with backplane for inter blade connectivity and VDSL2 system-level vectoring backplane. Within a shelf, the SI3000 Lumia hosts up to 19 subscriber blades and one or two central Ethernet switch blades for high availability.

    SI3000 Lumia housings are designed for indoor rack mounting and outdoor cabinet hardened environments. They are provided with a separate shelf-management unit and individual platform management bus that ensures different hardware-related parameter measurements, configuration of the system functions and the appropriate temperature control for a fully equipped shelf during operation.

    Central switching blade

    The central switching blade for SI3000 Lumia acts as aggregation for subscriber blades and provides network connectivity. With its multiple GE or 10GE interfaces (number or types depends by the model) it represents carrier-class reliability with future-safe Ethernet switching features. Central blade offers both extremely high bandwidths and flexibility in building various network topologies like subtending, Ethernet rings or hybrid designs.

    Duplicating an Ethernet switch blade in the shelf provides network redundancy and high availability of the SI3000 Lumia with sub-50 ms failover times.

    High-performance central switching blade

    The high-performance central switching and management blade for SI3000 Lumia offers multiple 10GE network interfaces and extension possibilities through an AMC slot. Advanced network functionalities designed for residential, business and mobile backhauling interconnecting allows building various network topologies thought switching or routing mechanisms.

    Duplicating the central blade in the Lumia shelf provides network redundancy and high availability with sub-50 ms resilience. Two central blades offer extremely high bandwidths per slot (40 Gb/s) and flexibility in network topologies. Flexible and redundant connectivity to the network can be done using multi-chassis link aggregation, Ethernet rings, or distributed spanning tree.

    GPON / P2P

    GPON fibre blade

    The GPON blade features 8 GPON subscriber ports with 1:128 split ratio, effectively able to serve up to 1024 fibre subscribers.

    The GPON blade is truly unique:

    • It is based on the latest state-of-the-art GPON chipset which guarantees its long-term availability;
    • It supports exquisite bandwidth utilisation and high split ratio;
    • It is network processor-based and is the building block of the only true SDN-enabled broadband platform;
    • It employs the functionality and flexibility of a true software-defined broadband;
    • It is service- and app-aware, enabling per-flow control over service/app delivery, effective QoS per service/app, and policy enforcement per service/app;
    • It allows operators to optimise their business processes and diversify their commercial offering;
    • It supports multi-provider deployment scenarios, including virtual unbundling and open access;
    • It supports all types of residential, business, or cloud-based services;
    • It is ready to host NFV appliances and become a platform of private or hybrid clouds-based services;
    • It employs efficient, OPEX-friendly service and app provisioning;
    • And – of course – it offers all the rich functionality needed in intelligent broadband-access networks

    1 Gbps P2P fibre blade

    The GE fibre blade features 24 GE/FE Ethernet point-to-point single-fiber subscriber ports using compact SFP (cSFP) modules on a single-slot card achieving a high port density in SI3000 Lumia. With its full 1GE high symmetrical speed per port it is a perfect solution for the demanding customer.

    The dual-rate GE and FE interfaces offer mixed configurations and a gradual migration from FE to GE by just changing the optical modules.

    The GE fibre blade offers the rich functionality needed in intelligent services access networks with ISA (Intelligent Service Access) such as flow awareness, QoS mechanisms, policers, large buffers, and profile-based service provisioning.


    VDSL2 blade, vectoring-ready

    The universal (POTS/ISDN) vectoring-ready VDSL2 blade features 64 or 32 VDSL2 subscriber ports and it can be fitted in SI3000 Lumia shelves. With its fully standard compliant and state-of-the-art vectoring capable VDSL2 technology, it is an ideal solution for connecting residential and corporate users.

    The latest VDSL2 technology offers up to 200 Mbps aggregated data rate on short lines. ADSL2+ fallback feature enables coexistence of VDSL2 and ADSL2+ service.

    Excellent vectoring capabilities and noise protection not only vastly improve achievable data rates, they also significantly reduce time-consuming VDSL line-parameter trimming. Retransmission is the an extremely effective technique that helps with the most severe impulse noise problems, and thereby assures a smooth IPTV service even on terrible-quality copper pairs.

    VDSL2 blade with on-board vectoring

    VDSL2 blade with on-board vectoring features 48 VDSL2 subscriber ports and it can be fitted in SI3000 Lumia shelves. With its fully standard compliant and state-of-the-art vectoring VDSL2 technology, it is an ideal solution for connecting residential and corporate users even in existing shelves.

    Board-level VDSL2 vectoring supports full crosstalk cancellation for all 48 VDSL2 lines. Excellent vectoring capabilities for crosstalk cancellation improve achievable downstream and upstream data rates from 20% to 50%.

    VDSL vectoring-engine blade

    System-level VDSL2 vectoring engine works in combination with up to four 64-port VDSL2 blades and supports full crosstalk cancellation for 256 VDSL2 lines. Four VDSL2 blades communicate with system-level vectoring engine, using special high speed backplane in order to exchange DSL line information for real time crosstalk elimination.


    POTS blade

    Narrowband access is also an integrated part of SI3000 Lumia. The POTS blade connects up to 64 analog subscribers and is a perfect solution to enable operators to upgrade their core to a next-generation IP network, while maintaining the existing subscriber infrastructure.

    The POTS blade performs the media conversion between the circuit and packet networks, and the signaling interworking between the PSTN lines and the MGCP, H.248, SIP network interfaces. It is controlled by SI3000 CS or another VoIP softswitch using MGCP, H.248 and SIP protocols.

    Two-party POTS blade

    Similar to the POTS blade, the two-party POTS blade performs the media conversion between the circuit and packet networks, and the signaling interworking between the PSTN lines and the IP based network interfaces. The two-party POTS blade provides 32 double ports with capability of connecting up to 64 analog subscribers.

    ISDN BRI blade

    The ISDN blade for SI3000 Lumia works as a VoIP access gateway with 16 ISDN Uko ports. The ISDN blade enables operators to upgrade their cores to a next-generation IP network, while keeping the existing ISDN subscriber infrastructure in place.

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