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SI3000 Lumia G8


    SI3000 Lumia G8 is a compact 1U GPON OLT product optimised for smaller fibre-access deployments. It combines GPON and point-to-point fibre the same box, and delivers performance and scale optimised for heterogeneous residential and business access. SI3000 Lumia G8 provides eight GPON ports with 1:128 split ratio, effectively able to serve up to 1024 fibre subscribers. Simultaneously, four GE P2P users can be served from the same product.

    In addition to central-office deployment, the 1U pizzabox product inherently supports the deployment in street cabinets: it includes control over light, door, and alarms; the design is temperature-hardened (up to +65 °C ambient).

    Just like the GPON blade for its big brother (the SI3000 Lumia), the compact SI3000 Lumia G8 is truly unique:

    • It is based on the latest state-of-the-art GPON chipset which guarantees its long-term availability;
    • It supports exquisite bandwidth utilisation and high split ratio;
    • It is network processor-based and is the building block of the only true SDN-enabled broadband platform;
    • It employs the functionality and flexibility of a true software-defined broadband;
    • It is service- and app-aware, enabling per-flow control over service/app delivery, effective QoS per service/app, and policy enforcement per service/app;
    • It allows operators to optimise their business processes and diversify their commercial offering;
    • It supports multi-provider deployment scenarios, including virtual unbundling and open access;
    • It supports all types of residential, business, or cloud-based services;
    • It employs efficient, OPEX-friendly service and app provisioning;
    • And – of course – it offers all the rich functionality needed in intelligent broadband-access networks.


    Lumia G8

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