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Broadband Networks

Iskratel develops broadband access and aggregation products that effectively serve all residential, business, cloud, or backhaul services – in the same network, from the same chassis.

Our broadband products exhibit a unique service- and app-awareness that lets operators effectively control and monitor the delivery of all kinds of services and apps: residential, business, over-the-top, cloud-based, backhaul, or IoT. Their natural support for multi-provider environments – including virtual unbundling and open access – makes them ideally suited for achieving business sustainability.

Complete portfolio of access and aggregation products addresses all broadband scenarios and technologies, including point-to-point fibre, GPON, ADSL2+, VDSL2, vectoring, or even narrowband POTS or ISDN. The products constitute solutions for fibre- and copper-based broadband service delivery; the portfolio ranges from central-office and street-cabinet products to a full range of CPE devices, all managed and provisioned with our umbrella management system.

SI3000 Lumia is a scalable multi-service broadband access and aggregation product. A chassis based product allows a wide diversity of subscriber-access blades for all fixed-access technologies in a single, cost-effective platform. SI3000 Lumia delivers broadband services over fibre and copper, and can be fitted with subscriber-access blades for point-to-point fibre (GE and FE), GPON fibre, VDSL2 (with board- or system-level vectoring), ADSL2+, POTS, two-party POTS, and ISDN. SI3000 Lumia is available in several chassis sizes, and supports various deployment densities: from high-density urban to low-density rural areas.

SI3000 Lumia G8 is a compact 1U GPON OLT product dedicated to serve smaller fibre-access deployments with the capacity of up to 1024 GPON users, combined with point-to-point fibre from the same box.

SI3000 ODU-XS is a dedicated, compact cabinet-based DSLAM, tailored to fit FTTB and FTTC scenarios. Low power consumption, small size, silent operation, and flexible port scalability of VDSL2 and POTS ports is a clear winner for reuse of copper infrastructure with local-loop shortening or providing a high speed (up to 100 Mbps) broadband service to the end users.

Indoor and outdoor cabinets are scalable and flexible in port capacity, have different power-supply, include active and passive distribution frames, batteries and cooling. The environment within the cabinet if fully controlled. Customisation upon customer demands is possible.

SI3000 Peso is our answer to telephony modernisation. The SI3000 Peso is a compact 1U VoIP gateway with the support of leading voice-control protocols like SIP, H.248, MGCP, and fax protocols. It offers a cost-effective telephony solution for small and mid-size businesses or local public coverage.

Innbox is an award-winning family of CPE (customer-premises equipment) products. The Innbox family portfolio includes universal home gateways, home gateways for fibre (GE, FE, GPON) and copper (VDSL2, ADSL2+) access, fibre-termination units, network-extension devices and IADs.


Why Iskratel?

Iskratel is the leading European provider of infocommunications solutions, with 70 years of experience, EU-based R&D and manufacturing facilities, and presence in over 30 countries. We combine experience and know-how with creativity and innovation. We leverage ICT expertise in delivering integrated solutions across Telco, Transport, Public Safety and Energy industries.

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